Gov. Matt Bevin has few regrets as he leaves office

Posted at 3:32 PM, Dec 04, 2019

FRANKFORT, Ky. (LEX 18) — Since he conceded, Gov. Matt Bevin has remained relatively quiet.

LEX 18 has reached out several times to schedule an interview with Bevin, but we have not heard anything back. However, this week, Bevin is doing interviews with some news organizations.

During one with WDRB, Bevin said he has very few regrets as he prepares to leave office.

"I've never lived my life looking in the rear view mirror," Bevin told WDRB. "I've lived my life that way inside and outside the political world - look out the windshield, keep your foot on the gas, your hands on the wheel and drive like crazy. And so, this is what we've done, and some people can't handle it. For some, it's frustrating."

Some people who found it frustrating were teachers. Bevin made attempts to change the public pension system, which caused thousands of teachers to protest at the Capitol. However, Bevin said he only regrets not getting it done.

"If we don't structurally change it for future employees, the system will fail," Bevin said. "And all of the promises and all of the lies - is really what they are - that anybody might want to put out there and all the sugar they want to put on them to make them sound palatable about how we can sustain what we have without making changes, it's untrue."

Overall, Bevin said he is proud of the work his administration has done with Kentucky's economy. He also believes that he has cleaned up corruption.

But the big question is: what is next for Bevin?

"I have a lot of books to catch up on, a lot of things I want to read," Bevin said. "There are so many businesses I would love to start or be involved in helping other people to start. There are so many ways to give back and serve people. I still have such passion for kids in foster care."

But when it comes to a possible 2020 Senate run, Bevin said he is not considering that right now.