'He has left such a legacy': Prominent Kentucky Republican Larry Forgy laid to rest

Larry Forgy
Posted at 5:39 PM, Jan 17, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-17 18:33:50-05

(LEX 18) — Larry Forgy, an influential Kentucky Republican who ran for governor three times, died last week. He was 82.

On Monday, family and friends gathered to remember his life and accomplishments.

"My father was larger than life," said Forgy's daughter, Katherine. "I just can't fathom that he is gone. But he has left such a legacy, and we're so proud of him."

Katherine hopes her father, a talented speaker who loved talking to people, is remembered for standing up for the people of Kentucky.

"I hope that he is remembered for being an independent thinker, for being a strong conservative Republican in our state, for putting people first," she said.

News reports show that Forgy had a gift for speaking, but his bluntness sometimes got him involved in controversy. History also shows he wasn't afraid to go against his political party or stand up for what he believed in.

In 1987, after more than a year of gathering support for a gubernatorial race, Forgy quit. Reports say he was uncomfortable with the quid pro quo nature of political fundraising in Kentucky.

In his next attempt for governor, he limited his campaign contributions to $300 per person, which is well below the limit set by state law.

Forgy said her father loved meeting people and talking to them on the campaign trail.

"He loved what he did. He loved being out among the people," said Forgy. "He had a blast going to a large formal event with Kentuckians present or going to the market to get a baloney sandwich and shaking hands with the people there having lunch. He was one of the most personable people you would ever meet."