Horse Mania takes over downtown Lexington with painted thoroughbreds

horse mania.jpg
Posted at 2:28 PM, Jun 20, 2022

LEXINGTON, Ky. (LEX 18) — You may have noticed some colorful and creative additions to downtown Lexington on Monday. Herds of horses are taking over to show support for the arts in the community.

It's impossible to miss the standout steeds at Henry Clay Estate. The art is speaking volumes—though they won't make a sound.

"It's just really special that we're providing a great public art viewing during these crazy times," said Greg Padgett, Board Chair for LexArts.

Horse Mania is the cause of this creative herd. It's a public art initiative started by LexArts in 2000. All signs pointed to bringing the painted horses back in 2020—but those plans—like so many others had to be put on pause, which LexArts leaders see as almost a blessing in disguise.

"It actually worked out well for us because the delay from COVID caused it to be on our 50th anniversary year," said Padgett.

The statues stand proud—enjoyed by adults, kids, and hedgehogs alike. But on Monday, the field of masterpieces was put on the move.

More than 160 horses are populating Henry Clay Estate, including dozens of foals, put together by local elementary and middle school students. All of them are awaiting a trip to their new home in downtown Lexington.

Trees and grassland have been swapped for a concrete jungle to show everyone's passion for the arts is standing strong.

"Lexington is a wonderful community," said Padgett. "We've got a great artist community. We need to support our artist community."

A long line of creative support—right in the heart of downtown.