How to get help paying your energy bills this winter

Posted at 6:00 PM, Jan 17, 2023

LEXINGTON, Ky. (LEX 18) — When temperatures go down, we're all turning the heat up.

For folks like Gerri Mayberry, higher bills to heat her Lexington home in the winter are hard to cover.

Her multiple sclerosis diagnosis means she can't work so she's on a fixed income.

Last winter, she couldn't cover her energy bills to heat her home. She was on the brink of having her power shut off.

"Very close, very close," Mayberry said.

Then, the Community Action Council stepped in to help her pay.

"It was heartwarming," she said.

Last year, Mayberry said she received around $700 to help pay her bills. She hopes she can get something similar this year. Otherwise, she said she'll have to make some dangerous sacrifices like skimping on her blood pressure medication.

"I would rather have my lights and not have the medicine," she said. "I would rather have my lights and not have to be in the cold."

Any other Fayette, Bourbon, Harrison, or Nicholas County residents can also apply for help with their bills.

Head to, scroll down, and click on "utility assistance scheduler". Residents can also call 859-300-6960.

People who live in other counties can go to, find their office, and contact them. They can also go through their energy provider to see if they have programs in place. For example, Kentucky Power's programs can be found here.