'I had to sell my truck': Man details struggles with UI system

Posted at 11:15 PM, May 27, 2021

STANFORD, Ky. (LEX 18) — On Thursday afternoon, the kitchen table in Mark Wilson's Stanford apartment was covered in documents and notes dating back to September, when he first filed for unemployment benefits.

"I call every two weeks like I'm supposed to," Wilson said. "Every single time it says that a check has been issued at zero dollars."

Speaking to Wilson in his kitchen Thursday, LEX 18 asked him to call the unemployment office. Sure enough, after pressing a few buttons, a recorded voice recited the amount on his last payment: zero dollars. Wilson said he cannot explain that, since he has not received any checks and he has not been paid once since filing for unemployment benefits last September.

He recounted that after he was laid off from his job, he met with a representative from the Labor Cabinet, who helped him gather everything he needed to file a claim. Soon, he was notified that his claim was approved.

He waited, but a check never came.

In February, he received a notice that claimed he did not provide the proper identification necessary to receive benefits. He was confused, given the fact that he remembered giving his identification to the representative he met with in September.

"I personally saw her take my social security card and driver's license over to the printer and make a copy of it so that she could put it in my file," he said.

Wilson felt dejected, but not deterred. He filed an appeal and once again provided copies of his identification. In April, he learned the appeal was successful, but a month later he still has not received any money.

LEX 18 contacted the governor's office to inquire about Wilson's situation. We were told our questions would be passed along to the Labor Cabinet. As of Thursday night, we have not heard back.

Wilson, however, did get an update. Shortly before our interview, he said a woman with the Labor Cabinet called him.

"[She said to] give her Monday or Tuesday and that it will be taken care of," Wilson said.

Wilson said he is not sure what to expect, but for now he'll keep waiting.