Kroger shooting witness has car impounded as evidence

Posted at 9:12 AM, Nov 11, 2019

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE/LEX 18) — A witness to the Kroger shooting that happened in Louisville last week had her car impounded as evidence, according to WAVE.

Melissa Murry, 55, told WAVE that her car, which had several bullet holes, has become evidence and is now in the Louisville Metro Police Department's impound lot.

Murry is unsure of when she will get her car back and she told WAVE that she will have to wait until the investigation is over.

Murry told WAVE that she is only able to get that answer and is now trying to be okay with the fact that she might not get her car back at all.

WAVE reported that Murry was just about to check out when the incident happened.

"I heard 'bam, bam, bam' and I'm thinking 'oh God' and everybody's running towards me," Murry told WAVE.

After realizing what was happening, Murry made it outside, but could not get to her car. She had been parked in a handicap space and it was stuck in the middle of the shootout.

"I'm still upset and I can't sleep," Murry told WAVE. "I can't not have a car. I just can't not have a car."

On Friday, Murry went back for her 1998 Buick, but it was not in the parking lot.

"I can't take nothing away from the police officers because they was just doing their job, but the least they could've done was call me," said Murry.

WAVE reported that Murry had called the mayor's office several times before finally hearing back from a detective.

Murry told WAVE that, even if she could find a way to the impound lot, her car could not be drivable and her insurance will not cover it.

"I have no money to buy a car," Murry told WAVE. "I mean, I'm on a fixed income."

Murry said she has medical issues that have limited her mobility and she needs her car to get to her weekly doctor's appointments.

WAVE Security Expert D'Shawn Johnson said that Murry can only file a claim with the city if she can prove that one of the bullets that hit her car were from an officer's gun.

According to Murry, there was one officer's act of kindness that kept her going. WAVE reported that First Division Officer Christina Beaven stopped by Murry's home after the shooting to deliver groceries, since Murry had to drop all of hers during the incident.

"Have you ever heard of a police officer bringing you groceries?" Murry told WAVE. "She came and brought me some groceries and she said if there's anything she can do, just let her know. It was nice of them to do what they did."

Beaven told WAVE that it was part of the job and when she realized they didn't have any food and supply boxes to give out, she ran to Kroger for a few things Murry could need.