Late-night flood leaves homes damaged in Shelby County

Shelby Co Flooding
Shelby Co Flooding
Posted at 11:41 PM, Sep 04, 2022
and last updated 2022-09-04 23:45:58-04

HATTON, Ky. (LEX18) — Multiple homes were left damaged in eastern Shelby County after floodwaters moved through late Saturday night and Sunday morning.

One home in Hatton was completely thrown from its foundation toward a nearby creek. Crews had to perform a water rescue to get the man who lived inside to safety, according to multiple neighbors and one of the man’s friends.

“It’s bad,” said Paul Kirk, the man’s friend. “First time I’ve ever seen water that bad down here.”

Neighbors described heavy rain leading the creek to rise at least two and a half feet. One man, who was kayaking in the river Sunday, said he could see debris ten feet up some trees.

At one home, a family said they lost all their guineas and chickens. They’d moved to Kentucky six months ago and were starting to rescue animals. They said they were thankful they hadn’t rescued a horse yet. The water flooded the basement of their home and collapsed a small section of the homes closest to the creek.

At Alvin Wright’s home, the flood damaged his driveway and tore apart his fence. It came close to ruining equipment in his barn, he said.

“This is just complete devastation where it hit that fence and the creek,” said Wright.

According to Wright, it’s the type of event that could lead people to move into a larger town. That won’t be the case for Wright, 86, who said he’s lived in the country his whole life, including 54 years on the same property in Hatton.

In nearby Franklin County, crews were able to make a temporary fix at Stockton Road, which had become impassable from the water washing out one of the approaches to the bridge.