Gas prices drop temporarily at a Nicholasville gas station

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Posted at 6:00 PM, Nov 03, 2022
and last updated 2022-11-03 18:13:32-04

NICHOLASVILLE, Ky. (LEX 18) — Today, gas prices at one Nicholasville Marathon were more than $3.00, then dropped to $2.07. Cars lined up around the store to fill up.

One resident, James Smith, says, "I haven't seen gas that low in quite some time, it's been a minute. I wish it would all go down like that."

Another resident, Annette Sparks, says this is the first time she's been able to fill up in weeks.

She says, "I don't even fill up when I can. Sometimes, you know, I just wanna save my money because I need to buy groceries. I don't fill up. I just put in what I can barely afford to put in."

Americans for Prosperity of Kentucky donors were able to drop the prices for a couple of hours this morning — serving more than 150 cars.

Liam Gallagher with the organization says "Right now, we've got the highest gas prices that I remember in a long time right? Prices at the grocery store are up, just a ton. And so, we're trying to provide temporary relief from those, from really inflation."

Gas Buddy's Head of Petroleum Analysis says factors like the war in Ukraine and recovery from COVID have kept gas prices high.


AAA Bluegrass says one year ago, prices in Kentucky were at $3.12, a month and a week ago $3.39, and today it's at $3.45. We saw a .04 cent hike overnight.


Lori Weaver-Hawkins of AAA Bluegrass says, "We've seen a recent climb in our gas prices, not only in Kentucky, but in surrounding states and pretty much across the nation."

Both experts explain that issues at Midwest refineries are also responsible for shifts in prices in the area.

But, Annette Sparks, who is a retired teacher, says with the prices going up she's relieved to see this drop at the pumps today — saying now she'll use that money in other ways.

"When the gas is so high, you know, you can’t afford to drive a better car. You have to drive a car that's smaller that doesn't fit your family or it's less expensive, it affects you in every way. And then, when you're spending so much on gas to try to drive to work, you have less money for your groceries. And it just, it goes on and on,” says Sparks.

For now, Kentucky’s gas average is at $3.45 and it's $3.31 in Nicholasville.