Lexington Christmas tree farmers suggest you should buy early this year

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Posted at 6:01 PM, Nov 04, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-04 18:15:57-04

LEXINGTON, Ky. (LEX 18) — As we approach this season of giving, it's also the season of shortages.

To avoid being stuck without some of the staples this holiday season, you need to act fast.

"We just don't have as many farms as we used to," said Dale Barker with Barker's Christmas Tree Farm.

"There's growers from a number of years ago that are no longer in the business," said Thomas Nieman with Nieman's Christmas Tree Farm.

Barker and Nieman are both still going strong, selling fresh-cut trees in Lexington. Both say they had successful years last year, despite the pandemic.

"They don't have to cut it themselves," said Nieman. "They don't have to drag it all the way up, 300-400 yards up to the barn."

"We used to sell 300, over a two month period of time, well, pretty close to two months, but now we're selling the same number of trees in a day," said Barker.

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So, why is it not too early to start talking about it? Why is it, at the same time, too early?

"I think it's too early, but on the other hand, if you want to assure that you get a tree, then it's not early at all," said Nieman.

Both don't want you to panic about any shortages you might hear about.

"It's nonsense," said Nieman. "I have friends in Michigan and North Carolina, and I've talked to them, and they say no, we have as many trees or more than we've always had."

"That's predominantly for those that are being cut and brought in here," said Barker. "We just run out quicker; that's the bottom line."

"We fully expect to be finished with sales by Thanksgiving or shortly thereafter," said Nieman.

"They need to go ahead and get on the list if they want to cut one this year," said Barker.

If you don't act soon, you'll be decking the halls with lots of nothing.