Lexington community celebrates the opening of The Luna Library

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Posted at 5:14 PM, Feb 19, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-19 18:52:45-05

LEXINGTON, Ky. (LEX 18) — This Saturday, a community is celebrating a young life lost too soon in a way that her family says will last for many lifetimes.

The Lexington Public Library has a new addition that kids of all backgrounds can learn from and enjoy.

Nearly two years after her death at 18-years-old, Kamaria Spaulding's family, friends, and the community are continuing to honor her life.

In a speech, Spaulding’s father, Devine Carama, says, "We created the Luna Library just to kinda keep her legacy of greatness and inclusion alive."

Carama says his daughter's passion for Black history and culture is what inspired the idea for Luna Library.

A collection of books that share Black stories and experiences housed at the Lexington Public Library's Northside branch.

"It brings more diversity not just into the Lexington Public Library, but Lexington as a whole,” says Carama.

Kamaria's nickname was Luna which means moon. Her family says they called her that because she was always such a light in dark places, inspiring others to get to know more about themselves and each other.

"We live in a world now with social media and phones where these young people have to see it to believe it -- because they can see everything else,” says Devine Carama. “So, if they don't see themselves in systems if they don't see themselves in institutions, in realities, then they feel like it's something they can't be a part of or achieve."

Carama says representation matters and he wants children of all backgrounds to enjoy these books.

Spaulding’s older sister, Ollice Spaulding, says, "This is definitely something that I would have seen her doing down the line, for sure. You know, she was very passionate about black history and making sure that our history is known in schools and just in general.”

Their father says this new library is just the beginning.

"I think just the fact that this will be here, long after I’m dead and gone, and knowing that legacy will continue to permeate through generations, means the world,” says Carama.

Again, Kamaria Spaulding’s father, Devine Carama, says he'll continue to find ways to continue his daughter's legacy. He hopes to open more Luna Libraries in the future.