Lexington man accused of threatening to kill former attorney

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Posted at 6:00 PM, Sep 15, 2023

LEXINGTON, Ky. (LEX 18) — A man from Fayette County is accused of threatening to kill his former attorney and that attorney's children.

Xavier Henderson is charged with three counts of terroristic threatening in the third degree.

According to court documents, attorney Matthew Boyd represented Xavier Henderson when he was facing charges in 2022 in relation to an assault at a bar in Lexington.

The criminal complaint states Henderson told Boyd he would "kill you and your kids." A Fayette County judge told Henderson Friday afternoon he would have to wear electronic monitoring if he posts bond; that way, he could report to work. The judge says Henderson is not permitted to have contact with Boyd or his children.

In a statement, Boyd tells LEX 18:

"When someone threatens me after I helped them avoid the penitentiary it's alarming. When those threats extend to my children, that person is unfit to be walking freely. I take his threats seriously and he better understand that I will stop at nothing to protect my children. I expect the Court to do the same. Clearly Mr. Henderson is in need of serious punishment and treatment if he is going to enjoy freedom any time soon."

After our story aired, we were contacted by Henderson’s girlfriend.

She sent LEX 18 a written statement stating the allegations against Henderson are false.

“I spoke with Lexington Police this evening and will be filing harassment charges on Monday. We will let this play out in court with all evidence provided and the truth will prevail," she added.

Henderson is due back in court on September 26. Boyd says he credits the judge for protecting him and his children.