Louisville wedding photographer files suit to not photograph same-sex couples

Posted at 9:43 PM, Nov 20, 2019

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE/LEX 18) — A photographer from Louisville has filed a suit in federal court that is taking on the city's Fairness Law.

In the suit that was filed on Tuesday, Chelsey Nelson said that she does not want to take photos of same-sex weddings, according to WAVE.

WAVE reported that the suit states that Nelson wants to celebrate "Jack and Jill" and not "Jack and Jim."

Nelson also claimed that the ordinance is violating her first amendment rights.

Attorneys with the faith-based alliance Defending Freedom said Nelson cannot talk yet, but said that she is a christian who simply wants to document the weddings between one man and one woman.

The suit claims that the Fairness Law violates Nelson's First Amendment rights because she cannot create, promote or participate in things that dishonor God. This also applies to themed weddings, such as a Game of Thrones-themed wedding, according to WAVE.

“She has a lot of protection under state law, and it makes it much less likely that there would be any violation of the First Amendment which would make it more difficult for her to justify a preliminary injunction,” Kate Anderson, Nelson's attorney, said.

The alliance was recently involved in the case of a Lexington business, Hands On Originals, that refused to print pride t-shirts.

The judge ruled to allow the business refusal based on a technicality in how the suit was filed.