Luna Library will bring a collection of diverse, inclusive books to Lexington Public Library in new partnership

Posted at 5:55 PM, Nov 30, 2021

LEXINGTON, Ky. (LEX 18) — The Lexington Public Library and Believing in Forever announced a partnership on Tuesday to bring inclusive and diverse books for Lexington’s youth to the Northside Branch.

A Luna Library collection will be established in early 2022.

Luna Libraries are a program of Believing in Forever that collects and delivers children’s books featuring African American authors, characters, and stories to young readers in Lexington.

“Hopefully we create a whole generation of kids who love to read, that are empowered and emboldened by the characters and the books that they’re reading,” said Believing in Forever founder Devine Carama.

Carama created the Luna Library in honor of his daughter Kamaria “Luna” Spaulding, who was killed in a car accident in April 2020.

Kamaria was highly involved in community activism, a champion of racial equity and inclusion, and a fierce believer in the power of education, according to the family. She was passionate about helping youth of all races develop a deeper understanding of African American history.

“She was revolutionary. She was powerful. She was strong,” Carama said. “The Luna Library is going to be here forever. My daughter’s legacy is going to be here forever.”

The partnership was announced on what would have been Kamaria’s 20th birthday.

“This is the absolute best birthday gift that anybody could ever come up with and give to her and I’m so blessed,” said Lakeisha Campbell, Kamaria’s mother.

Campbell said she’s looking forward to reading books from the Luna Library to kids in the library, just like she did to Kamaria when she was younger.

“When you open a book and you see a child that looks just like you, you can imagine that you are anywhere and you can be anything. I want this library to teach kids that you don’t have to put a limit on yourself,” Campbell said. “You can be anything you want to be.”

For more information or to make a donation to The Luna Library, you can visit here.