Mount Sterling dog goes missing after house fire

Posted at 12:24 AM, Apr 02, 2022

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Ky. (LEX 18) — When a Mount Sterling family's home caught fire earlier this week, they were happy that no one was hurt but in the chaos, a four-legged member of the family was nowhere to be found.

“It's been really, really awful,” said Hannah Richburg.

As Richburg looked at the damage to her home she feels helpless. Not only was her home damaged in a fire on Wednesday, but her one-year-old dog Bella hasn’t been seen since.


We didn't know for a while if she got stuck... what could have happened to her,” said Richburg.

Some relief came when Bella was spotted in the general area.

But the worry won't completely go away until Bella is back home. This will be the third night she's been missing.

“I keep thinking about, is she cold, is she hungry is she scared,” says Richburg. “We did everything together... she follows me everywhere... a week ago, we were out with friends in our boat together.”

Hannah is doing everything she can think of to find Bella.

“Every day with my family... we go around the property calling her name... we've been driving, looking for her on the street.”

Spreading the word, hoping someone out there will care for Bella and bring her home.

“She loves outdoors, so she could just be having an adventure, you know,” She said.

Regardless, Hannah hopes you'll help end this adventure.

“Since she went missing that's all I've been thinking about working on trying to find her,” she said.

If you think you've seen Hannah's dog call 859-803-3265.