Music academy moves to virtual lessons amid coronavirus pandemic

Posted at 2:26 PM, Mar 30, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-30 20:42:42-04

SDML Academy of Guitar has moved to a 100% virtual model for conducting lessons for students.

Based in Lexington, the academy's instructors are now teaching over video streaming platforms like Zoom.

"It's mildly surreal," Guitar Instructor David McLean said. "I mean we're clearly in a new age."

There are several challenges that video conferencing platforms pose, however. For example, they do not allow the instructor and student to play in sync because there is typically a slight audio lag. In order to fill in the gap, McLean sends pre-recorded videos to his students. Then, they can play along to those.

"You just adjust," McLean said. "You adapt."

Despite the challenges, one of McLean's students said he believes it's important to keep engaged in lessons.

"It's something I think human beings need to do to connect," guitar student David Miller said. "Do something that keeps you sane."

McLean added that having a creative outlet or passion is what makes life worth living.

"Anybody can hunker down in their basement with toilet paper and canned tuna," McLean said. "Those aren't things that give life meaning."

For those who cannot afford music lessons due to the pandemic, you can find a scholarship for SDML Academy of Guitar here and call the number listed on the homepage.

For those who just want to sing along to a good song, McLean has recorded a sing-a-long which you can watch here.