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A can of dry shampoo exploded and made a hole in the roof of her daughter's car, mom warns

Posted at 12:30 PM, Sep 24, 2019

Dry shampoo has increasingly become a beauty staple for people, but there's something you should know: those aerosol cans are primed for explosion when stored improperly, and a mom and daughter had to learn the hard way.

Christine Debrecht took to social media Thursday, Sept. 19, to warn others after her daughter's car ended up with a hole in the roof because a can of dry shampoo exploded inside.

The dry shampoo was left in the middle console of her daughter's car, she said on Facebook. The lid of the console was closed.

"It was hot yesterday and the can exploded," Debrecht wrote on Facebook. "It blew the console cover off of its hinges, shot through the sunroof, and went high enough in the air that it landed about 50 feet away."

According to the photos the Missouri mom posted on Facebook, the damage to her daughter's Honda Civic was extensive. The aerosol can explosion left a ton of debris in the car, and there's a gaping hole where the sunroof used to be.

Aerosol cans should never be placed in fires or heated locations because they may explode and the propellant may be flammable, according to the Safety Management Group.

The product that damaged Debrecht's daughter's car was Equate Beauty's Tea Tree Dry Shampoo, which says "DANGER: Extremely flammable, container may explode if heated" on the front of the can.

This is a typical warning on products that are pressurized and/or contain aerosol.

And it's a warning that Debrecht and her daughter will now take much more seriously.

"I just want to remind you (and your kids) to heed those warnings on products you may be using," she said. "Please don't leave aerosol cans (and especially dry shampoo, as this seems to be an issue with some brands) in your car! I am so grateful that no one was hurt."