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A man showed up to a California police department with a body in his car and admitted to killing four people

Posted at 7:01 AM, Oct 15, 2019

A man walked into a California police department Monday and told officers he had killed four people, police say.

One of the bodies was in the car the suspect drove to the Mt. Shasta Police Department. His three other victims were in his apartment more than 200 miles away, Roseville Police Department Captain Josh Simon said in a Monday news conference.

Roseville officers learned of the man's confession around noon, when they received a call from Mt. Shasta police, who detained the suspect after he came in.

Roseville is about 20 miles from Sacramento and about 212 miles from Mt. Shasta.

This is an ongoing investigation in coordination with the Mt. Shasta police department, Simon said, adding police don't believe the quadruple homicide was a random act. The suspects and the victim likely knew each other, police said.

Police did not identify the suspect or the victims.

"The sole suspect involved in this incident is in custody and we do not believe there is any ongoing threat to our community," he said.

The killings, he said, will likely take a toll on the Roseville community.

"This can really have an effect on all our first responders and people who may or may not know these victims. So this is a very heavy impact to our community," Simon said.

Police will hold another news update Tuesday morning, Simon said.