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Apple: 8 states will soon let iPhone users keep digital driver's licenses on iPhones

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Posted at 2:56 PM, Sep 01, 2021

Apple announced Wednesday that it is working with eight states to allow their residents to keep a digital version of their government-issued driver's license on their iPhone or Apple Watch.

The company says that once users in those states add their driver's license to their virtual wallet, they'll be able to use it at TSA checkpoints without having to pull their ID out of their wallets.

In a press release, Apple said that Arizona and Georgia would be the first states in the country to introduce the new feature, though the company did not provide a timeline as to when it would be available. Connecticut, Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland, Oklahoma and Utah are also working with Apple to develop virtual IDs.

According to a press release from Apple, once the feature is available, users can go to the "Wallet" section on their iPhone to add a new license or ID. The user will then need to use the phone's camera to scan the ID and take a selfie so Apple can confirm the identities match.

Once an ID has been added to Apple Wallet, iPhone users will simply need to tap their iPhone or Apple Watch when approaching a TSA checkpoint. After authorizing the release of information to TSA with Face ID or Touch ID, passengers will be free to pass.

"Users do not need to unlock, show, or hand over their device to present their ID," Apple's press release states.

Apple notes that once state IDs are added to an iPhone, they are encrypted "and protected against tampering and theft." Those who misplace their phone can remotely erase their devices.

According to CNBC, Apple originally announced the partnership on digital IDs with the YSA at its Worldwide Developers Conference.

"This new and innovative mobile driver's license and state ID initiative with Apple and states around the country will enable a more seamless airport security screening experience for travelers," TSA Administrator David Pekoske said. "This initiative marks a major milestone by TSA to provide an additional level of convenience for the traveler by enabling more opportunities for touchless TSA airport security screening."