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As pandemic drags on, parents are struggling to juggle it all

HAYD Parents
Posted at 11:53 AM, Jan 21, 2022

With the pandemic entering its third year, parents across the country are struggling to manage all of the stresses they've had to navigate as daily life continues to be defined by disruption.

Shane Dunn lives just outside of Boston and is the father of two, ages 2 and 4. Most of their lives have been defined by the pandemic.

"We are just constantly thinking about how we keep our kids safe," he said.

Across the country, the current surge of COVID cases has once again disrupted daily life for many moms and dads. Some schools and daycares have been forced to close because of the virus. Leaving parents to feel like they’ve been thrust back into the early days of the pandemic.

"For us, it’s the mental challenges we’re facing, physically we’ve been okay," he added.

For parents like Shane Dunn, though, there is a different kind of concern. His kids are still too young to get vaccinated. Every day, he wakes up hoping the FDA will approve the shot for children under 5.

"It feels like we can’t move forward like everyone else," he noted.

As the pandemic drags on, Shane Dunn is just focused on staying positive.

"We are certainly stressed and tired but we want to make sure our kids know they are in a loving, safe home and we're doing our best to keep them safe."

This is part of a series of stories examining the question, 'How are you doing?' where we check in with people from different walks of life to see how they’re handling the pandemic.