Biden's first 100 days: Where he stands on key promises

President Joe Biden
Posted at 4:59 AM, Apr 26, 2021

President Joe Biden is rounding out his first 100 days in office, and focusing on reining in the coronavirus seems to have paid off.

Biden can check off nearly all his campaign promises centered on the pandemic.

Last week, his administration delivered its 200 millionth dose of COVID-19 vaccine — a number that doubled his initial 100 day goal. He also passed an enormous $1.2 trillion stimulus package through Congress that provided more families with additional funds.

Biden has also delivered on a number of his biggest campaign pledges focused on climate change and the economy. On the environmental front, he's rescinded the Keystone XL pipeline permit, rejoined the Paris climate accord and convened a climate-focused summit among world leaders.

But some issues have proven to be tougher for the Biden administration, particularly on immigration.

Though he promised to raise a historically-low refugee cap of 15,000 instituted by his predecessor, he initially balked at raising that figure. After backlash from Democrats, Biden earlier this month announced he would be raising the cap — but nowhere near his campaign promise of 125,000.

Biden is also grappling with how to enact promised reforms in the face of a steep increase in unaccompanied minors seeking to cross the border.