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Black female WWII unit may receive Congressional Medal

Posted at 4:13 PM, Jul 13, 2021

Long overdue recognition may be coming to a group of World War II heroes.  

The Senate passed legislation that would award members of the 6888th Battalion the Congressional Gold Medal. 

That group was the only Black unit of women in Europe during the war, and its members are credited with solving a growing mail crisis at the time. 

"I wasn't expecting it, and so here I am. The sad part of it is that we have so few girls who are still alive, who belong to that unit," said Maj. Fannie Griffin McClendon. "I just wish there were more people to — if it comes through — there were more people to celebrate it."

There are believed to be just seven surviving members from the unit including retired Maj. Fannie Griffin McClendon.  The unit had roughly 850 members during the war.

The bill still needs to pass in the House.

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