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Cages are being set up in Mariupol for expected prisoner of war trials amid Russia's invasion of Ukraine

Mariupol prisoner of war trial cages
Posted at 10:59 PM, Aug 24, 2022

Metal cages are being set up in Mariupol as Ukraine prepares for future prisoners of war (POWs) trials amid Russia's ongoing invasion of Ukraine.

Still images were released by the Mariupol City Council showing the cages being constructed in Mariupol's Philharmonic Haul and are expected to be used as holding cells for prisoners of war held by Russian-backed authorities there, CNN reported.

The images were posted on Aug. 6.

The United Nations said on Tuesday that there was concern that Russia and affiliates were planning trials for Ukrainian POWs that could fall around the country's independence day. The UN confirmed the existence of images posted to social media which showed the cages being constructed in Mariupol.

Ukrainian officials said they were expecting trials to take place in the Mariupol Philharmonic Hall possibly, but an exact date for the trials wasn't immediately clear.

As CNN reported, a reporter with the Russian Defense Ministry's news channel called Zvezda, said, "huge metal frame is being built next to the philharmonic. This is a future hangar, where prison wagons with Azov prisoners of war will presumably come by."