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Competitive work environment: 2022 Microsoft Office Specialist World Championship names winners

The competition attracted over 1 million contestants from various countries
2022 Microsoft Office World Championships
Posted at 10:27 PM, Jul 27, 2022

A global competition to test one's skills with some of the most used names in word processing, spreadsheets and presentation has selected its winners after a list of contestants turned out to show off their competitive office skills for the challenge.

The Microsoft Office Specialist World Championships 2022 competition held in Anaheim, California, calls itself a "global competition" to test students' skills on software that many of us have on our resumes but might not necessarily be proficient enough to compete against masters. Well, these students are ready!

Students with high proficiency in the various pieces of software are invited to compete and represent their countries at the World Championship, with some students required to compete in National Championships first before being invited.

  • The first place winner this year for Microsoft Word, in Microsoft 365 and Office 2019 is Gabriel Stanciu of Romania.
  • Tristan Pesqueira of the United States took home the first place spot for competing with Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • The first place winner in Microsoft Excel is Duy Phong Nguyen of Vietnam
  • Rohan Matthias Vargas of Ireland took home first place for the version of Microsoft Word found in Office 2016
  • Cong Minh Bui of Vietnam took home first place for the version of Microsoft PowerPoint found in Office 2016
  • Ondrej Cach of Czech Republic won first place for the version of Microsoft Excel that is found in Office 2016

Ray Murray, Vice President and General Manager, Certiport said, “The pandemic put our live MOS Championship events on hold. We are so thrilled to be able to return to in-person competitions.”

Murray said, “It is inspiring to see students from 21 countries come together to ‘speak Microsoft’. The winners receive extra praise, but every single student who entered has earned a valuable workforce credential that will help them find success in college and in their career. The last two years have highlighted the importance of IT skills for tomorrow’s professionals and it’s incredible to see so many young people get introduced to IT certifications through the MOS World Championship.”