10 ways to make Mother's Day special for your mom amid the pandemic

Virus Outbreak Britain Mother's Day
Posted at 2:29 PM, May 08, 2020

Mother’s Day is best spent with your mom, but because of the coronavirus pandemic, that’s not an option for many.

Fortunately, there are several ways you can celebrate the mother figures in your life while also practicing social distancing.

Gather virtually

You may not be able to give your mom a big hug on Sunday, but you can still spend time with her through Zoom, FaceTime or other video platforms. Like many have done with friends, you hold share a drink together, play games or even watch a movie together.

Virtual bake-off

Another way to take advantage of video conferencing is to hold a virtual bake-off or cook-off. All you need to do is agree on a recipe and see whose dish comes out best. All the while, you’re spending quality time together, virtually.

Have flowers delivered

Nothing says Mother’s Day like a bouquet of flowers. It may be a little late to have flowers delivered from a national company and have them arrive on Sunday, but you can call around to your local shops to see if they offer delivery or you could deliver them yourself, safely.

Order her breakfast in bed

Along with flowers, breakfast in bed is a Mother’s Day staple, but you’ll have to be a bit more creative this year. Instead of cooking something up for mom yourself, you can order her breakfast from a restaurant and have it delivered. Cracker Barrel is offering “all-day pancake breakfasts” that come with a free $10 bonus card.

Favorite meal delivered

You aren’t limited to sending breakfast either. You can have your mom’s favorite meal delivered straight to her door. In fact, many restaurants are offering special takeout deals for Mother’s Day. Click here for more.

Take care of a project around her house

One of the greatest gifts to receive can be an act of service. If your mother has been complaining about something that needs to be done around the house or in the yard, take that chore off her hands and do it yourself. Just make sure to do it at a safe distance and take necessary precautions.

Send mom her favorite wine or other beverage

Chances are, if your mom drinks alcohol, you know what her favorite drink is. You could send her that beverage or you could sign her up for a subscription, so she receives drinks on a regular basis. Some great monthly wine subscriptions are Winc, Bright Cellars and Wine Insiders. Subscriptions are available for other spirits as well.

Make a donation to her favorite charity

With so many struggling to make ends meet during the coronavirus crisis, it could be the perfect year to donate a worthy cause in your mother’s name. You could donate to her favorite charity or do some research on what can best help her community. Some organizations helping out are The Red Cross and Feeding America.

Make a slideshow

For many families, holidays like Mother’s Day serve as a great time to reminisce on good times spent together. This year, you may want to consider sending your mom a slideshow of some of your favorite photos of videos together. There are several free services online you can use, like Adobe Express.

Get together from a safe distance

If you really want to see your mother in person on Sunday, there are ways you can do so safely. Some options include meeting for an activity outdoors, like a hike, or you could organize a drive-by parade outside her house. As long as you remain a good distance away, the possibilities are endless.

Bottom line, when it comes to Mother’s Day, most moms just want to hear from their children and see they appreciate them for all they do or have done. That’s especially true in trying times like these.