Companies are supplying COVID-19 healthcare workers with shoes – and you can help

Companies are supplying COVID-19 healthcare workers with shoes – and you can help
Posted at 2:24 PM, Mar 25, 2020

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – Some shoe companies are doing their part to help the healthcare workers on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic.

Both Allbirds and Keen Footwear have donated thousands of pairs of shoes to hospital staff and others who are needed to work during this time of crisis.

Allbirds says it distributed $500,000 worth of “Wool Runners” to those in the healthcare community after announcing the free shoes last Friday.

Unfortunately, the company says its pledge to provide the free shoes uncovered a need beyond what they can fulfill on their own while ensuring they balance the needs of their employees.

So, Allbirds is turning to the public to help them continue to give away shoes to those protecting our communities during this difficult time. The company is now offering a “buy-one-give-one” offer in the U.S.

“As of today, and while supplies last, if you purchase a pair of Allbirds in the U.S., we will also split the cost of donating a pair of Wool Runners. Or if you’d like to simply donate a pair, we’ve created an option that allows you to do that too,” wrote Allbirds in a statement on Tuesday.

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Allbirds isn’t alone in their generosity. Keen Footwear also announced that it donated 100,000 pairs of shoes to people on the front lines and families in need.

Keen says its donation is worth about $10,000,000.

“Whether these shoes help a worker stay comfortable during a long shift or simply allow people to get outside to breathe in the benefits of nature while safely practicing social distancing, we felt compelled to share our strengths for the common good,” wrote Keen in a statement.