EPA approves antiviral surface coating proven effective against coronavirus

Posted at 9:43 AM, Aug 26, 2020

A new disinfectant is proving effective against coronavirus. It's called SurfaceWise2.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) just gave the Allied BioScience product emergency use authorization.

The disinfectant is the only long-lasting COVID-19 killer. It's sprayed on surfaces and kills the novel coronavirus and other viruses.

“It’s a continuously self-cleaning surface, so as contaminants, germs, virus cells lands on the surface, the product is continuously and begins immediately killing those virus cells and pathogens,” said Jess Hilton, CMO at Allied BioScience.

Its makers say testing proves it works for months. The EPA says it can kill coronavirus for us to seven days in one use. It's safe for surfaces and people.

"The EPA approval clears the way to begin effectively protecting consumers against COVID-19 as the only solution proven to provide long-term, non-toxic surface protection from the virus," said Allied BioScience CEO Michael Ruley in a press release.

So far, the emergency use was approved for American Airlines planes and Texas-based companies. The state worked with the company on the waiver. Others are putting in waivers too.

“The application opportunities for this product are sort of endless. Anywhere where you have public spaces for high traffic and therefore high contamination environments, this is a solution that goes in-between your daily cleaning,” said Hilton.

The company says it costs about 40 to 50 cents per square foot per year to use the product. A large school bus has about 320 square feet of space. That's about $160 per bus a year.

Allied BioScience didn’t come up with the disinfectant overnight. The company started making it as a product to kill hospital bacteria a dozen years ago.