Experts say pandemic has led to decline in both planned, unplanned pregnancies

Posted at 3:22 PM, Dec 17, 2020

Experts say the coronavirus pandemic has led to a decline in both planned and unplanned pregnancies.

Experts added that people are meeting less because of COVID restrictions, job loss, and the uncertainty of the future has caused people to hit pause on having kids.

On Wednesday, Modern Fertility published a survey that found out of nearly 4,000 people, 30% of them said they had changed their fertility plans due to the pandemic.

In March, Modern Fertility found that 31% of those surveyed had decided to change their family planning timelines.

Several reasons people gave behind their decision to delay having children was “it doesn’t seem like a good time to bring kids into the world,” “I need to improve my financial position,” and “I’m worried about contracting COVID-19.”

On Thursday, the Brookings Institute projected that Americans would see 300,000 fewer births next year.