Graduation ceremonies canceled, postponed amid COVID-19 outbreak

Posted at 8:31 PM, Mar 23, 2020

Graduation day is a huge milestone, but this year, many students around the country won’t experience it. Amid a COVID-19 outbreak, many schools are canceling their commencement ceremonies.

After four hard years of college, University of Colorado-Boulder senior Drake Olson won’t get to walk with his fellow seniors for graduation. He's just one of the many seniors across the nation that may not take part in a graduation ceremony.

“A lot of my friends from out of state they have moved back home already to do online classes, so now, it’s kind of like I never got to say goodbye,” he said.

What should be a time filled with joy and excitement is now a mixed bag of emotions for both Olson and his parents.

Olson’s mother, Becky Olson-Kahn, feels sadness and relief for her son.

“I think this is very scary time, and I really agree with the decision,” she expressed.

Like many parents this spring, she won’t get the chance to watch her first-born son walk up on stage and receive his diploma.

“We’re grateful he’s actually able to graduate and a way for him to complete college,” she said. “We are focused on that, but I do hope later in the summer we can have friends and family come over to celebrate.”

As for what’s next for Olson and his graduating class, the university mentioned possibly postponing commencement. The college is considering including summer 2020’s class to walk in winter 2020’s graduation.