How hotels plan to protect guests, employees from coronavirus

Posted at 4:09 PM, May 06, 2020

As America continues to reopen, we're learning more about plans hotels have to protect guests and employees.

“Hotels for the most part were already prepared for this because there have been viruses in the past that necessitated us using products that kill viruses on contact,” said Chip Rogers, CEO and president of the American Hotel and Lodging Association.

Rogers says major suppliers of cleaning products have assured the hotel industry they have the proper alcohol content to kill the novel coronavirus.

Hotels are already cleaned more often than most homes and just under hospital standards. Now, they're going to be cleaned even more under a new industry-wide initiative called “Safe Stay.” It’s to assure all guests and workers there are basic safety standards in place.

You’ll notice more signage about cleaning and social distancing, also more contactless transactions like checking in and out through apps.

“In the rooms, you might see fewer things you can actually put your hands on, small items,” said Rogers. “I know there's already a great rush to creating technologies that are voice command.”

Room service delivered into your actual hotel room will probably end, as well as buffets. Instead there will be more food and drink grab and go options. One-way entrances and exits are also likely. And, an increase in security and a designated person in charge of cleaning personnel.

Right now, hotel occupancy rates are around 20% nationwide. Pre-pandemic hotels had about 900,000 vacant jobs. Today, about 70% of hotel workers are not working. So, they will be looking to hire again soon.