US has sent more than 110M COVID-19 vaccines to 60 countries, White House says

Joe Biden
Posted at 9:59 AM, Aug 03, 2021

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The Biden administration announced Tuesday that it has donated and shipped more than 110 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines to more than 60 countries around the world in an effort to stem the pandemic abroad.

The U.S. has now donated more COVID-19 vaccines than all other countries combined, according to the United Nations.

The White House provided a list of countries that have received vaccines from the U.S. and these nations got the most: Indonesia (8,000,000), Philippines (6,239,000), Colombia (6,000,000), South Africa (5,660,000), Bangladesh (5,500,000), Pakistan (5,500,000), Vietnam (5,000,000).

In a statement, the White House touted the number of shipped vaccines as a major milestone that “cements the United States as the global leader in COVID-19 vaccine donations.”

President Joe Biden delivered remarks on the administration’s progress in increasing vaccinations in the U.S. and abroad Tuesday afternoon.

Watch his speech below:

The administration says the U.S. will deliver hundreds of millions of more doses in the coming weeks.

“These more than 110 million doses – that are already saving lives around the world – are just the beginning of the administration’s efforts to provide vaccines to the world,” wrote the White House. “Starting at the end of this month, the administration will begin shipping a half a billion Pfizer doses that the United States has pledged to purchase and donate to 100 low-income countries in need.”

By sharing these vaccines, the administration says its goals are to increase global vaccination coverage, prepare for surges, prioritize vulnerable populations, and help other countries in need.

“Importantly, the United States has not and will not use its vaccines to secure favors from other countries. Our aim is to save lives,” said the administration.

Public health officials have said for months that it’s also important to stop the spread of the virus around the world to prevent surges where new variants could develop.

At the same time, much focus is being put on the U.S. as it experiences a rise in cases as a result of the dominance of the more transmissible delta variant in the country.

Due to the rise in cases in some areas, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced last week that it recommends that even vaccinated Americans wear face coverings in public, indoor settings in areas with substantial and high transmission of the virus. The CDC says this will help prevent the spread of the delta variant and protect others.