Walmart joins companies donating funds in order to fight the coronavirus, pledges $25 million

Posted at 8:20 AM, Mar 18, 2020

Walmart is joining the list of companies and individuals that are donating funds to fight the novel coronavirus.

In a press release Tuesday night, Walmart said it was committing $25 million to various organizations in an effort to slow the spread of the disease.

While Walmart's press release did not provide specifics, the company said it would donate $10 million to support food banks, school meal programs and organizations that provide access to food for the underserved population; $10 million to "support local efforts" in the United States and around the world and $5 million to help other countries fight the virus.

Walmart's announcement came the same day that Major League Baseball said it would commit $30 million to pay team employees that have been furloughed by the delay of Opening Day due to the coronavirus. Each team pledged $1 million towards its employees.

A number of individual athletes have also stepped up with their own donations, including NBA players Kevin Love, Zion Williamson and Rudy Gobert. Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has also said he'll work on setting up a fund to offer arena employees compensation.