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'DaBaby' meets with HIV, gay activists following hurtful remarks

Posted at 9:06 PM, Aug 31, 2021

"DeBaby" met with Black leaders from nine HIV organizations. The meeting follows insulting comments the rapper made during a performance in Miami.

In a joint statement, leaders from the groups that included GLAAD and Black AIDS Institute said they had a discussion with Jonathan “DaBaby” Kirk and shared personal stories about people who live with HIV.

"During our meeting, DaBaby was genuinely engaged, apologized for the inaccurate and hurtful comments he made about people living with HIV, and received our personal stories and the truth about HIV and its impact on Black and LGBTQ communities with deep respect," the statement says.

The meeting followed an open letter from the groups to rapper. The leaders said they wanted to "call him in" rather than "call him out."

The statement says "DaBaby acknowledged that the HIV facts we presented- many of which he himself was unaware of- are what every American needs to know: HIV is preventable and when treated properly, cannot be passed on."