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Elon Musk looking for clinical trial director for brain chip implant company

Brain chips are meant to help treat Alzheimer's, spinal injuries
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Posted at 5:48 PM, Jan 25, 2022

FREMONT, Calif. — Elon Musk’s company, Neuralink, announced it is searching for a clinical trial director.

This could signal that the company plans to start human trials involving brain chips soon.

Neuralink says the brain chips are meant to help people overcome devastating injuries and treat conditions like Alzheimer’s, spinal injuries and blindness.

The technology would also allow people to transmit and receive information from a computer, which would help them take control of a mouse and keyboard even if they can’t move their limbs.

According to the job posting, Neuralink’s clinical trial director would work with doctors, engineers and clinical trial participants.

In a presentation from 2019, Musk said he wants to make this technology “as simple and automated as LASIK.”

Some fear there are negative implications about this technology, and how it could blur the lines between for-profit procedures and medical interventions.

However, some people who struggle with paralysis commented on the YouTube presentation, saying this technology has the potential to improve their quality of life.