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Futuristic approach to pain relief gaining in popularity

Posted at 10:36 PM, Aug 10, 2020

Call it futuristic, but in reality, it's science redirected to make people feel better.

Eric Rice, founder and CEO of Quanta, gave a virtual tour of his Los Angeles-based lab which produces the muscle Rub.

“We have the brain and the body,” Rice said. “The brain does all the calculation. Its where we input information and then the body itself is a gigantic freezer with chambers.”

As Rice showed the machines that produce Quanta, and how they work, he said, “Here’s our batches of muscle rub. You can see everything being made. Everything’s organic, natural, grown from the earth. We don’t use any synthetic materials for any of our products.”

Running Quanta, he's leading the charge in new technology geared toward pain management.

"Pain right now affects 22% of the world’s population, or 1.7 billion people daily,” Rice said. “Chronic pain, pain that lasts 3 weeks or longer, that’s considered chronic.”

Rice is a former baseball player, so pain is something that Rice knows all too well.

“I’m a former athlete and I have horrible knees, shoulders and back,” Rice said. “We started out with a simple muscle rub with a few ingredients and CBD was a great place for us to start. It’s been around, patented, but used for one pharmaceutical solution.”

He took the concept of CBD or cannabidiol and applied his knowledge of quantum physics and biochemistry to change molecules, which then makes ingredients more effective.

“Imagine my finger point being a nucleus. When you’re alive, electrons rotate like this, really far really fast from the center,” Rice said. “As you die and age, they slow down and get closer to the nucleus. What we do is use our technology to speed it back up and stabilize the cell so we’re creating excited state molecules that don’t ionize and oxidize.”

It's a unique business concept, and it's one that even he admits sounds out of this world.

“We use really contemporary if not futuristic science to increase the amount of energy to molecules so that we use an ingredient for your skin or your health it performs 3-500 % better than anything else you’ll find in the market,” Rice said.

The market he's referring to is topical CBD, which is seemingly everywhere these days.

Dr. Richard Sorgnard specializes in electrical cell signaling technology, which is a medical device that treats severe pain.

“These are placed on the body in a specific array depending on the diagnosis and then when the machine is turned on it will deliver 12 types of electrical stimulation,” Sorgnard said.

He recommends Quanta to his patients, before, during and after the treatment. The machine, he says, treats all kinds of pain and feels like a massage. With Quanta, he says, patients are resolving their problems and not masking them.

“We noticed it made a great afterglow for the treatment- when we use them together the patients get a better response for the initial sensation,” Sorgnard said.

Rice says Quanta is expanding beyond topical pain relief and into vitamins, supplements and skin care.

“I can absolutely see us heavily involved in agriculture, food, beverage anything having to do with energy and natural ingredients is really kind of our focus. Pharmaceutical as well as helping people grow plant matter on different planets,” Rice said.

He says Quanta has delayed his own surgeries for years and believes polarizing ingredients is the world's next step into the future and beyond.

Rice’s website does note that Quanta’s effectiveness has not been evaluated by the FDA. The FDA adds that while there might be some to CBD products, there are potential side effects that should weighed. More info can be seen here.