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Google introduces way to search flights to help you fly 'greener'

Google-Flight Emissions Tracker
Posted at 2:43 PM, Oct 07, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-07 14:43:42-04

Google says it found a way to help consumers limit their carbon footprint when flying.

In a blog post, Google CEO Sundar Pichai said they are debuting a new tool on Google Flights that will allow users to search for flights with lower carbon emissions.

The flights that offer lower emissions will be labeled with a green badge.

And those searching for greener flights can with the results going to the top of the list.

Google added that newer planes "are generally less polluting than older aircraft."

And your seat will also impact emissions, with first-class seats taking up more room, therefore account for a more significant portion of the aircraft's pollution.

Pichai added that Google Maps would also allow drivers to choose directions that are the most fuel-efficient.