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Hawaii wins 4th LLWS title by defeating Curacao 13-3

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Posted at 2:22 PM, Aug 29, 2022

WILLIAMSPORT, Penn. — A champion has been crowned in the Little League World Series.

On Sunday, Hawaii captured the coveted title of Little League World Series champions after they defeated Curacao 13-3 in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

Sunday's win marks the fourth time Hawaii has won the LLWS, the Associated Press reported.

ESPN reported that back-to-back homers from Kekoa Payanal and Kama Angell in the first inning helped boost the team to win in just four innings.

The Associated Press reported that Hawaii outscored opponents 60-5 during their championship run, even playing some games without their manager Gerald Oda who sat out due to COVID-19.

Curacao scored first when Davey Jay-Rijke hit a single, but noticed no one was covering second, so he bolted around the bases, eventually making it home after a wild pitch advantage, ESPN reported.

But it was all Hawaii after that, the Associated Press reported, with Angell sealing the team's dominant performance with a game-clinching single to score Esaiah Wong in the fourth.

Under Little League rules, a team wins if it leads by 10 or more runs after four innings, the Associated Press reported.

According to ESPN, Hawaii's Jaron Lancaster pitched Sunday brilliantly, striking out 10 batters and only allowing three hits and three runs.