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Idaho trooper does belly flop to catch escaping cat during traffic stop

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Posted at 4:18 PM, Feb 07, 2022

An Idaho state trooper took a "leap of faith" to ensure a cat didn't run away last month during a traffic stop.

According to the Idaho State Police, Trooper Enrique Llerenas pulled over a van after noticing that its side door was open and several items were flying onto Interstate 90.

The trooper found two people, two dogs, and a cat inside the van. The trooper also found controlled substances, so he arrested the two people on drug charges.

Local shelters were contacted, and they said they'd come to take possession of the animals.

So while he waited for them, the cat tried to make a break for it.

That's when Trooper Llerenas caught the fleeing feline before it could get lost or harmed.

And the belly-flop moment was all captured by the trooper's dashcam.

The cat was safely returned to the van, and the animals were taken to a nearby shelter.