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More than 4M people traveled by air over the weekend, TSA says

Posted at 3:19 PM, Feb 15, 2021

Airports were busy over the weekend.

Travelers took the air, as new data from the Transportation Security Administration showed, agents between Thursday and Sunday screened more than 4 million people.

On Thursday, 1,034,514 travelers passed through airport security. On Friday, 1,151,420 passengers flew. A combined 1,847,154 people traveled, according to the latest TSA data.

The spike of travelers comes as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advise people not to travel during the pandemic.

According to the CDC website, if you must travel, they ask that you get fully vaccinated for COVID-19.

They added that you wait two weeks after getting your second vaccination dose for your "body to build protection after any vaccination."

They also ask that you get tested one to three days before traveling and keep your test results if you are asked for them.

After your trip, the CDC recommends getting tested again three to five days after traveling and then self-quarantine for a week, even if you come back negative.