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More than 5 million US children have tested positive for COVID-19, but severe illness and death remain rare

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Posted at 7:43 PM, Sep 16, 2021

More than 5 million children in the U.S. have contracted COVID-19 since the pandemic started, according to a report from the American Academy of Pediatrics.

The report notes that more children are contracting the virus as the delta variant spreads.

From Aug. 28 to Sept. 9, the American Academy of Pediatrics says 495,154 children tested positive for COVID-19.

However, the rate of hospitalization and death among children remains low, the report notes.

States reported that 0.1%-1.9% of their children with COVID resulted in hospitalizations.

Those states also said up to .03% of all child COVID-19 cases resulted in death.

California had the most cumulative cases of children with COVID-19 and Vermont had the least, according to the report.