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Now that weddings are back on, vendors and event coordinators are overwhelmed

Posted at 4:04 PM, Jun 11, 2021

Wedding planning is back on, and vendors are overwhelmed. Some planners are even reporting they've pushed bookings to 2023.

Grant-Humphreys Mansion, a popular venue in Denver, says the phone has been ringing off the hook.

"So all of a sudden, next year, my September and October, I don't have a single Saturday left," said Rita Rollman, the director at Grant-Humphreys Mansion. "I have never had that happen, ever. It's crazy awesome but crazy."

Another factor contributing to the surge in bookings for next year are the couples who had a small wedding early in the pandemic and now want a bigger one with family and friends.

"I'd say a good chunk of folks decided to go ahead and go to the courthouse or go to the top of a mountain and elope, and then bring the family and friends in when it was safe to do so," Rollman said.

She says most of her openings are in the near future. Many couples canceled weddings for this summer before the rollout of the vaccine.

"Maybe push up your timeline a little bit because I've got these amazing dates and we're putting them on sale," Rollman said. "It was because of that fear factor, (it) really caused a lot of folks to jump the gun prematurely. I don't blame them, you know, things were looking a little bleak, and they were nervous. And now everything's open."

For those having trouble booking vendors or looking to save money, Rollman suggests avoiding Saturdays. Other days of the week are less popular and don't get booked as fast.

She also says to consider an off-month — the summer and fall see the highest demand.