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Pastor traveling to homeless encampments to spread hope

Posted at 5:29 PM, Dec 02, 2020

Pastor Josh gutted and painted an old bus, and turned it into a rolling of beacon of hope.

“This will try your faith," Josh said. "I mean these are very hard situations a lot of these people are living in.”

He and his wife travel to encampments in the United States and territories like Puerto Rico.

“Underneath different bridges like Newark, New Jersey, New York City, Baltimore, Philadelphia all the different places that are having a spike in homelessness due to COVID-19.”

He used to own an RV business, but now je lives on the bus and goes back to Delaware to pick up donations.

He said he was called for a higher purpose and came to the encampment under 83 in Baltimore to help.

“Clothing ,food, blankets, coats, things of that nature," Josh said. "A lot of people are getting rid of their beach homes right now after COVID because they can’t afford to keep their beach homes. They have a phenomenal amount of clothing that they are giving away.”

He sometimes spends months at a time at encampments helping to connect them to resources they need and giving out the donations he collects.

“I know it’s generally a saying, but I can literally turn their frown upside and make them smile.”

A calling answered and rolled out to places where people can use some hope and help.

To learn more about Pastor Josh and find out where he is click here.

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