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Boy who lost legos fleeing Ukraine thanks 'wonderful people' who donated 'non-stop' to replenish

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Posted at 8:41 PM, Apr 18, 2022

A boy fleeing Ukraine with his family to escape the war lost his prized and beloved Lego collection as the group rushed to safety. Through his hobby account on Instagram and YouTube where her shows off one of his favorite creations, the 11-year-old received more than he expected.

The family has now thanked followers for the nearly "non-stop" Lego donations. In one post they write, "I have already collected almost everything that you gave me! Thank you very much, wonderful people!"

Andrey Sidorov and his father Igor fled Ukraine and were able to make it safely to Ireland, but had to leave everything behind including the boy's Lego collection.

On Andrey's Instagram account @LEGO_BOY_STAR, he has chronicled his adventures creating various masterpieces with Legos and showing them off to fans. His account, which has now reached over 7,000 followers, promotes Andrey's YouTube account,where he shows off more of his favorite hobby.

Andrey says that he usually creates Lego builds without instructions, but will all of the new donations he's started using instruction sheets which are helping to build skills and keep busy learning the fun technical aspects of creating. In one post he shows off a hand representing a character from a Marvel movie writing, "I would like to be a good Thanos from the Avengers movie! He snapped his fingers and THE WAR ENDED! He snapped his fingers and ALL PEOPLE ARE HEALTHY!"

The donations started pouring in after Andrey's father Igor asked for help in a shared post writing, “Help Ukrainians in Ireland,” he wrote. “My eldest son is engaged in the creation and construction of various LEGO toys on a semi-professional level without instruction. He is a very clever boy. War changed all…We need any LEGO, any size and colour, in any quantity. Everything is just for the development of the child!”

That's when the kind generosity of the community he has created sprung to action and the Legos started arriving, with more than they had expected continuously pouring in.