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Straight out of a sci-fi film: Northeast Ohio's Sippo Lake starts 'singing'

Sippo Lake "singing"
Posted at 9:22 AM, Jan 24, 2022

PERRY TOWNSHIP, Ohio — If you've never heard a frozen lake "sing," you're in for a treat.

Stark Parks shared a video Saturday morning filmed by park volunteer Sarah Betz. In the video, you can hear sounds straight out of a science fiction film that would make even Christopher Nolan take note.

It was filmed on Jan. 16 at Sippo Lake Regional Park, which is located between Canton and Massillon.

"While it sounds like you're in a Star Wars movie, these pings and boings coming from Sippo Lake are completely natural. People often say, 'The lake is singing,' when this phenomenon happens," Stark Parks said.

According to the park system, the noises are made by lake ice expanding, contracting and moving.

Stark Parks shares hauntingly beautiful video of Sippo Lake 'singing'

The eerie sounds produced by the ice are strange but hauntingly beautiful. And what you hear depends on how far away you are from the ice. How neat!

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This story was originally published by Drew Scofield of WEWS in Cleveland.