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Work-from-home is now a toy line from Fisher-Price

Work-from-home is now a toy line from Fisher-Price
Posted at 11:57 AM, Aug 12, 2020

The last several months for working parents with small children has been an interesting juggling act, to say the least. Now, toy maker Fisher-Price has rolled out new “mini-me” role playing items that turn our reality into playtime.

As parents and caregivers fire up their laptop and enjoy a coffee drink, picked up curbside without face-to-face contact, children can play along with the “My Home Office” set.

The set includes a laptop, headset for video conferencing, a coffee cup, and a cell phone with four “apps.” What parent wouldn’t want to swap phones with their child when it has dogs and cats on conference calls?

HomeOffice toy
My Home Office set

Getting some reps in at the home gym? Children can, too. The “Baby Biceps” set comes with a barbell, kettlebell, water bottle and sweatband. Starting healthy habits can never start too early.

Baby Biceps toy

The new line also includes a “Tiny Tourist” set with camera and sunblock for those staycations and a “Cutest Chef” set. Unfortunately, the chef set does not come with a sourdough starter. Instead, it has a meatball and oven mitt that doubles as a teething toy.

Fisher-Price says they have deliberately focused on creating toys that get parents and caregivers laughing, as well as engaged in playful learning.