New Beshear ad uses Bevin's own words against him

Posted at 8:48 AM, Sep 23, 2019

FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) — Matt Bevin's own words are used against him in a new campaign ad replaying the Republican governor's criticism of teachers who opposed his pension plan.

The TV ad by Democratic challenger Andy Beshear debuted Monday across Kentucky. It strikes at Bevin's biggest vulnerability - his feud with public education groups.

Bevin's campaign didn't immediately respond to emails and a phone call seeking comment.

The ad replays some of Bevin's harshest criticism of teachers.

It shows Bevin guaranteeing a child was sexually assaulted because they were left home alone on a day teachers closed schools to protest his proposed pension changes. Bevin later apologized.

But he's doubled down on his criticism since then. The ad shows Bevin comparing opponents of his pension plan to "drowning victims" who need to be knocked out and dragged to shore.