New hot spot for tacos opens in The Summit

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Posted at 8:38 AM, Sep 10, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-10 18:56:28-04

LEXINGTON, Ky. (LEX 18) — If you're planning a night out for dinner this week, the newest gathering spot for tacos and drinks is officially open in Lexington.

Even though the idea originated outside of Kentucky, you will feel right at home with murals and designs representing the best of the Bluegrass.

If you look around Condado Tacos, which opened Thursday at The Summit at Fritz Farm, you will see some tributes to the city and state's finest.

"Every store is different," said Joe Kahn, the founder of Condado Tacos. "It represents the city and state that we're in."

Condado Tacos was founded in the Columbus area less than a decade ago. Already, they've grown to open more than two dozen locations. When coming up with the design for the murals, they turn to the ones who know the area the best.

"We try and make it as local as possible," Kahn said. "When we start we do these huge storyboards, all this great stuff, and then we bring in 10-12 local artists."

With tributes to Keeneland and Rupp Arena at the bar and the Capitol and city skyline on the wall, you're immersed in local culture.

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"I want you to sit and have an experience," Kahn said. "Not just with cravable, affordable food but with something you can always look at."

Visitors can learn what Lexington and Kentucky are all about just from staring at the wall.

"I got here a little after 7," said Brett Goldstein, who drove from Ohio. "Last few openings people have been getting here earlier and earlier."

Goldstein mentions how people have been getting to openings earlier.

"This is my actual tenth opening," he said. "I've been to quite a bit in Columbus, Indiana, Michigan."

He follows the restaurant as they continue to grow. Talk about being a super fan. He gives a head start on picking out what you want to order.

"All different toppings, all different meats to choose, great margaritas, great chips and dip."

Aside from signature options, you can also create your own taco all while being in the comfort of our state's rich culture.

Condado Tacos is located by Shake Shack and Warby Parker at The Summit at Fritz Farm.