Nicholas County community hopes for help after FEMA rejection

Posted at 5:47 PM, Sep 07, 2021

CARLISLE, Ky. (LEX 18) — COVID-19 is the main discussion in this week's legislative special session.

But Governor Andy Beshear also wishes for approval to extend the state of emergency in Nicholas County.

More than 100 homes and two dozen businesses suffered damage in the late July flood.

In another blow, the Carlisle Mayor told our Conroy Delouche that the request for aid from FEMA has been rejected.

"I'm so disheartened, that I don't know which way sort of to turn. We're gonna scream at FEMA and the governor's office again, they're gonna scream at FEMA. And hopefully, somebody will come through with something," said Mayor Ronnie Clark.

In his COVID-19 briefing on Tuesday, Governor Beshear did say his office would appeal the decision.

"It's (the town has) changed. It's forever changed, just one of those 100-year floods like they said. Hopefully, we don't see it again. Hopefully, no one will see anything like that again," said Jamie Davis, owner of Dee Jay's Auto Parts Shop.

Davis managed to reopen the shop, but his damaged garage remains shuttered.

"It's going to take a pretty good amount of money, you know, anywhere from $30-40,000 to get it up and going. Just hard to come up with that kind of money right now," said Davis.

Mayor Clark is hoping, despite the FEMA news, that at the least, state lawmakers extend the state of emergency.

"It means a tremendous amount that we stay under this for a while to give us the ability to get those parts and pieces and get this stuff back together," said Clark.

There are signs of progress, but until Save-A-Lot rebuilds, to get some groceries you either need a good internet connection for Kroger Online Pick-up or a car to drive a 40-mile-roundtrip.

Mayor Clark says there will be a meeting tonight that could resolve where the grocery store can relocate and build. He's hoping that once that happens, they can break ground soon.