Not just any horse: Secretariat mural front and center in Paris

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Posted at 5:50 PM, Nov 17, 2022
and last updated 2022-11-17 19:32:57-05

PARIS, Ky. (LEX 18) — If you've witnessed Secretariat's dominance in person, you know how he shaped the horse world.

If his Triple Crown was before your time, your next drive through downtown Paris might show you why some consider him bigger than Elvis.

"It has been so much more than a normal painting," said Jaime Corum, the artist behind the mural.

That might be because Secretariat is bigger than some other horses.

"I might title it "Bigger than Elvis" because he really kind of is," she said. "He's just a star."

That star -- who twinkles through downtown.

"Even though there's so much of Secretariat in Paris, there's no real place where people can go besides Claiborne Farm," she said.

On the track, his presence couldn't be missed. Driving through Paris, almost 50 years since his Triple Crown, he's still making memories.

"I love the pose of him charging straight at you and you feel kind of the power, his total dominance on the track," Corum said.

The mural is part of the soon to be Secretariat Park.

"If you're a fan from the days of 73 and you were there as a kid maybe, or it'll create some new Secretariat fans also," Corum said.

When you take an internationally known artist and pair it with a world-beloved horse, it's just meant to be.

"It has definitely been probably one of my most favorite projects I've ever done," Corum said.