Oldham County family suing 2 Kentucky State Police troopers

Posted at 5:45 PM, Dec 27, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-27 17:45:57-05

OLDHAM COUNTY, Ky. (OLDHAM ERA/LEX 18) — An Oldham County family has decided to sue two Kentucky State Police troopers after officials said the troopers shot a bullet into their neighbor's apartment, according to the Oldham Era.

The incident happened in November at the Oldham Oaks Apartments in La Grange.

Police said a shot was fired into the ceiling of an apartment, just feet away from where a girl was sitting.

According to the Oldham Era, no one was hurt.

Deputies spoke with the neighbors of troopers Landon Terry and Dustin Gross.

Terry claimed that the shot was not intentional, but the trooper's lack of response prompted the investigation.

The troopers were off work while the case was being reviewed, but they are working regular patrol shifts again, even though the investigation is ongoing.

According to the paper, the family is suing the two troopers involved as well as KSP.