Overturned mask mandate impacts Lexington public transportation

What positive travel trends could come from coronavirus?
Posted at 7:45 AM, Apr 20, 2022

LEXINGTON, Ky. (LEX 18) — Two days after a federal ruling that lifted the mask mandate on public transportation, there are questions about how this impacts traveling, especially for airplanes and rideshare companies.

Now when you step inside airports, including Blue Grass Airport, wearing a mask is completely optional. Major airline companies also no longer require passengers to wear a mask.

The CDC still recommends wearing masks while traveling.

LEX 18 spoke with passengers Monday, who told us they'd prefer to keep wearing masks for now.

Keep in mind, the ruling impacts other modes of public transportation, including buses. Lextran tweeted a message Tuesday letting people know that masks are now optional for both passengers and employees on city buses.

Masks are also optional for Uber and Lyft. LEX 18 spoke with a Lexington Uber driver about this change. Riders are also allowed to sit up front again.